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What are the symptoms and possible causes of insomnia?

Those who suffer from it know how traumatic life turns out to be! Yes, insomnia is a commonly occurring health condition that turns out to be really painful. Given here is a complete insight about what the disease is, what the symptoms are, treatment options available, and more. So, the next time you have difficulty sleeping you know why it is happening and what will be the right treatment options available.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a particular sleep disorder. Those who suffer from it show the following symptoms:

  • They have difficulty falling asleep
  • Interrupted sleep and difficulty to go back to sleep.
  • Waking up too early in the morning with the feeling of tiredness

What Causes Insomnia?

There can be a number of reasons for insomnia. A number of emotional issues like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. are the reasons behind insomnia. Once the root cause is figured out, treatments can be tailor-made. So, ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Are you stressed? Depressed? Feeling emotionally unwell or hopeless?
  • Are you struggling with worries and anxieties?
  • Are you experiencing health issues that are interrupting your sleep patterns?
  • Are you on certain medicine that is interrupting sleep?
  • Is your environment comfortable and quiet?
  • Do you try to sleep in the hours your biological clock is not set to?

A Few Medical and Psychological Causes of Insomnia

Sometimes, insomnia lasts for just a few days and then goes on its own. When insomnia is tied to just a temporary cause like stress or jet lag or a troublesome breakup, patients can recover easily. If insomnia turns chronic there can be a number of underlying physical or mental issues behind it.


There are a number of prescription drugs that can interfere with sleep. These include stimulants, antidepressants, ADHD, corticosteroids, medicines for high blood pressure, and a number of contraceptives. There are a number of over the counter medicines that include a number of medicines containing pain relievers that have caffeine, alcohol, slimming pills, diuretics, and more.

Illness or Medical Problems: 

If you have been suffering from allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s, acid reflux, kidney diseases, cancer, and other similar diseases you may suffer from insomnia. There can be a number of other physical conditions that can lead to insomnia like sleep apnea, circadian rhythms or late-night work shifts, etc.

Make Sure to Do Away With These Habits if You Have Insomnia:

There are a number of mental and physical issues that can lead to insomnia. If it is poor eating daily habits like eating sugary foods, taking heavy meals, exercising too late, taking alcohol, and more then these habits are to be done away with for curing insomnia.

How to Deal With Insomnia?

Most of the people begin to feel helpless. Consuming sleeping pills should be the last resort as they may have a number of side effects. There can be certain useful tips that can be tried like setting up a biological clock by waking up at the same time each day, doing away with stimulants and alcohol, exercising regularly. If people are on medicines like stimulants such as asthma inhalers or decongestants it is good to consult your doctor and minimize alcohol intake, limit day time naps, exercise regularly, and more

If insomnia is due to stress it is good to try a number of relaxation therapies to calm down the tensed mind. Practicing deep breathing and yoga can prove to be very useful. Cognitive therapy is helpful in bringing down stress and anxiety levels.

Stick to a sleep schedule and exercise for about half an hour, take a warm bath before going to bed. Practice mindful breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and create a relaxing sleeping environment. A little amount of sun exposure and a calm mind is necessary to get a perfect sleep. Good sleeping habits can give you better results so prepare a schedule. Do not ingest caffeine before going to bed.

Best Advice for a Person Suffering from Occasional Insomnia:

Staying active all through the day, being stress-free, sticking to an exercising schedule, and avoiding any type of stimulating activities should be strictly avoided. Massage therapy just before the bed is helpful. Limiting short naps in the noon and making the sleep routine comfortable is advisable.

Setting up a biological clock and trying to sleep at the same time of the day is helpful. Some people try taking peppermint tea or chamomile tea, lemon balm tea, etc. to help you sleep better. Avoiding any type of stimulants is highly advisable.

Which of the Following is Bad Advice for a Person Concerned about Occasional Insomnia?

If people are having sleepless nights and think that they have occasional insomnia only, it is better to avoid sleeping pills as they may have side effects. If people have occasional insomnia, it should not be taken as a medical disorder. Some people are worried or tensed and they are advised to read books of their interest at the time of sleeping. This is a bad piece of advice that can be given to the patients as reading books of their interest can keep them awake all through the night.

Also, stimulants keep them awake so teas and coffees should be strictly avoided before going to the bed. If people have occasional insomnia they should consider having green tea or chamomile tree that can soothe their minds and help them sleep faster. In long and short, having sleepless nights is really painful and it can hamper day-to-day activities resulting in a lack of focus and concentration during the daytime. Additionally, it is important to keep stress at bay.

A sleep disorder can hamper day to day lives it is better to consult a physician to take consult and find out whether you are actually suffering from insomnia or not. Sometimes people do not suffer from the disease and begin to take pills for it. This results in unnecessary suffering. So, make sure that you have a word with your doctor before taking treatments for insomnia.

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